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The Power Behind Void of Course Moons

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

From episode: S6E8 Wild Ass Moons part 1 : Void of Course Moon and Out of Bound Moon

Astrology enthusiasts have long recognized the significant role of the moon in their practice. As the fastest moving celestial body, the moon's cyclical nature and its waxing and waning phases make it a crucial time indicator. One particular phenomenon that has captured the attention of astrologers throughout history is the concept of the void of course moon.

There are many different versions of void of course moons but the most widely accepted definition is when the moon is making no new exact major aspects to any other planet before it moves to a different sign.

During a void of course moon, it is believed that any actions or endeavors initiated during this period may not come to fruition. Imagine a scenario where you are attempting to purchase a house. If you place your bid during a void of course moon, chances are your bid will not be successful. Conversely, if someone else made their bid when the moon was not void of course, they may secure the house. Astonishingly, many individuals have reported witnessing such outcomes in their own lives.

Furthermore, the void of course moon has been known to impact legal proceedings as well. Astrologers have successfully predicted court cases that were scheduled to begin during the void of course moon. In these instances, predictions of non-appearance, dismissals, or retrials have proven accurate. I have accurately predicted a few court cases through void of course moons myself. The absence of applied aspects until the moon transitions into a different zodiac sign signifies a time for reflection and introspection rather than embarking on new ventures.

It is important to note that the void of course moon phenomenon holds significance within the realm of astrology and may not be universally recognized or accepted by all. However, for those who adhere to astrological principles, understanding the impact of the moon's void of course periods can provide valuable insights for decision-making and timing in various aspects of life.

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