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Black Sky

Hey, What's Up?!

My name is Astro*dim and I am an astrologer with a focus on natal charts, astrocartography, mundane astrology, and karmic astrology. I also have deep interest in other modes of divination like tarot, reiki, subconscious healing, numerology, rootwork, and more. I want to use this website to spread more knowledge on spirituality from a grounded approach. My belief is the more knowledge the better!

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The Story

Astro*dim is a lifestyle content creator who focuses on spirituality, astrology, tarot, subconscious healing & more. She strives to create spiritual content that is consumable for the everyday person via social media,  website, & her podcast “My Bed & Astrology”.  Astro*dim’s main goal is to show the world how divination is applied to every aspect of life and how you can always be yourself throughout your spiritual journey. 


Astro*dim has been interested in the cosmos and the occult since a child but didn’t start seriously studying astrology until  she was 14 years old which was due to a search of understanding of the connectivity of herself in the universe. She decided to become an astrologer professionally in 2017 and started studying tarot the same year. Since then she has created content teaching people how to utilize astrology to guide them through life. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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