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Astrology can help you gain awareness in many different aspects of your life, including health and fitness! There are many different places to look to get a picture in many different perspectives – some quite literal and others metaphysical. There are astrologers out there who specialize in using astrology to understand, prevent, predict and heal different ailments people have. Through My ‘Podcast-o-ween’ series in 2018, I was able to expand my knowledge even more with this subject. Certain areas and placements can give us specific information on our health, fitness, and wellness. Let’s take a look at some areas we can look at in our Natal charts to understand our health more:

- 1st house, Mars, Aries placements- Your overall body, how you best express physical activity and energy. How you move

- 4th house, Moon, Cancer placements- What makes you comfortable- in death astrology, it can explain your feelings before you die- your sense of privacy, can learn more about diet

- 5th house, Sun, Leo placements- Your vitality and virility. The energy you have, how its exhausted, and how you can regain it. The things you find fun (to make fitness fun)

- 6th house, Mercury, Virgo placements- fitness, health, routine, known sicknesses and ailments, your day to day life, how to keep things consistent, illness prevention

- 8th house, Pluto, Scorpio placements- death, transformation (transform your body and health too), things to watch out for to prevent early death

- 12th house, Neptune, Pisces placements- unknown sickness, unnoticeable sickness, ignored illnesses, how you may be self-sabotaging subconsciously and how it may affect you physically.


You can also use health astrology to figure out what fitness program is best for you. I’ve noticed fixed and/or water energy folks like chill exercise routines like Pilates, ta chi, and yoga. Mutable and/or fire likes variety in their routines like HIIT programs or tabata. Air signs and/or cardinal signs thrive off of strategy so possible group play or playing in teams would be beneficial. Earth energy is more disciplined to work out and stay working out, but they need some sort of consistency and something that will help them work out their repressed emotions. Working out in nature and muscle building would be great for them. All of us have all 12 signs, all 4 elements, and all 3 modalities in our chart- so where do you look to see what will work best for you? I would say the most important energies to look at are Solarian placements (5th house, Sun, Leo ) to know how your energy levels are expressed and charged, Martian energy (1st house, Mars, Aries) to see how you like to move and use your energy, and Mercurial energy (6th house, Mercury, Virgo) to see if the exercise plan is a viable routine in your life. Your dominant planet, sign, modality, and element is important to look at too.


It goes deeper with food as well! For instance, I have Venus in the 1st house. Overall, the 1st house represents the body and personality so although it gives me beauty and/or charm, it also has me very interested in sweets since Venus rules sweet foods. And chile I am! Venus is opposite my moon so my weight fluctuates because of it and it also sextiles Jupiter so I can gain weight, but I won’t get but so big (THANK GOD). With the moon in the 7th house opposite my Venus- relationships make me gain happy weight and usually my partners like it but I don’t. That Jupiter makes me have a healthy appetite too. However, one of my siblings has Mercury in the 1st house and she has a very small appetite- Mercury rules small things, practicality, following routines and diets. But you can look beyond the first house, you can see your relationship with food and how to work with it by looking at Venus and the Moon.


Now, you can understand how this energy works with you spiritually and energetically by finding out where this energy is in your natal chart, but did you know that each sign coincides with different areas of your body? Let’s go deeper into that:

- 1st house, Mars, Aries- the entire head

- 2nd house, Venus, Taurus- neck and shoulders

- 3rd house, Mercury, Gemini- arms hands as well as “twin” upper organs like lungs, kidneys, etc

- 4th house, Moon, Cancer- upper chest, breast, upper stomach

- 5th house, Sun, Leo- heart, back

- 6th house, Mercury, Virgo – lower stomach, intestines, lower digestive system

- 7th house, Venus, Libra- Lower back, butt, hips, the last parts of the digestive process

- 8th house, Pluto, Scorpio- Reproductive Organs

- 9th house, Jupiter, Sagittarius- lower hips and thighs

- 10th house, Saturn, Capricorn – knees, right above the knee and right below the knee

- 11th house, Uranus, Aquarius- lower legs and ankles

- 12th house, Neptune, Pisces- feet, ankles too

Another cool thing is that the degrees correspond with the body parts as well. Let’s use Aries as an example. Aries rules the head. 0 degree Aries represents at the very top of your head, 15 degrees Aries rules the middle of your head (the nose area) and 29 degrees Aries rules your chin and then it goes to 0 degrees Taurus which is the very top of your throat since Taurus rules your throat, voice, neck, and shoulders. It continues with all the signs. So, you can know which parts of your body is affected by looking at the degrees as well. Let’s use a personal example! I am a first decan Aquarius Rising so that means my rising is between 0-9 degrees Aquarius. When you think about that, you can tell that my forehead is highlighted since the 1st house rules the head. I have a big forehead and people made sure to remind me about it often, as if I don’t see myself every day in the mirror, lol! But it's not all bad cause Aquarius rules the shins and ankle and I’m often complimented on my lower legs, specifically my shins. But also, my Uranus is at 28 degrees and I have tiny ankles and there was a time when my Uranus was afflicted during my Saturn return and I twisted my ankle 3 times!


So, there is more to astrology than love compatibility and career prospects. Astrology can really help you understand all aspects of your life including health. So pull up your chart and see how it applies to you! Comment your placements and experiences below!

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8 comentários

25 de jul. de 2020

This is the first time I hear that astrology can be related to our physical health and fitness. And it's so funny that I am a fire sign (Leo) and I absolutely love HIIT and high endurance types of workouts :)


20 de jul. de 2020

Now this is what I'm talking about. There is so much information to learn. I'm going to go chat my birth to see where I fall in this. This was super helpful. I'm all about health so this is great.


07 de jul. de 2020

That's a great question Aries. I didn't think that far into the future. I wonder how accurate it would be. It would be great to be able to prevent some sickness just be learning about it through astrology.


This is all interesting! I am pretty new to astrology, too. Can our charts tell us anything about what conditions we might need to deal with or look out for as we age, like heart disease?


02 de jul. de 2020

Oh my goodness! This was so interesting to me. I want to learn about the degrees and body parts. How do I find more info on this pertaining to me? I love health and exercise so I need to hear more.

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