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The Big Three Through a Different Lens- Sun, Moon, Rising

Most of us know that your sun represents your self expression, you moon represents your emotions and inner world, and your ascendant represents your personality, person, and appearance. However, the big three can show us our strengths, weaknesses, and what we strive to gain in life. 

If we look at the Big 3 from a different lens, we can see that :

-Your Ascendant shows what you naturally have or can gain easily 

-Your Sun shows you what you strive for and pursue to gain

-You Moon shows what you expect to have but have to work at getting. 

Below I wrote a quick sentence on how this can apply to the 12 signs of the zodiac and all three placements. Check below to see how it applies to you!


Ascendant- naturally has motivation and understanding of self

Sun- strives to have drive and understanding of self

Moon- expects to have a sense of self and independence but usually something hold them back from being truly independent and self involved


Ascendant- naturally has self worth thus easily obtains material worth

Sun- strives to have self worth and material worth so over compensates with material worth

Moon- expects to have material worth but lacks self worth not realizing you need self worth for material things


Ascendant- naturally is a great communicator and is great at self realization

Sun- strives to be a better communicator and to have self realization

Moon- expects their intellect will lead them to self realization but their lack of communication can get them stuck


Ascendant- naturally is in-tune with their emotions and is nurturing in their private life

Sun- strives to to be in-tuned with their emotions and be deeply connected with their private life

Moon- expects to be nurtured and in-tuned with their private life & doesn’t get it


Ascendant- naturally gets attention and is naturally creative

Sun- strives to get attention from their creativity

Moon- expects attention from their creativity but sometimes get over shadowed because of shyness or from expecting it to just happen


Ascendant- naturally is routine and have an organized/in order everyday life

Sun- strives to have a more routine and organized everyday life

Moon- expects an organized everyday life and loses it when it’s not-their organization is more internal than external


Ascendant- naturally relates to others on a 1v1 level and easily attracts relationships

Sun- strives to relate to people on a 1v1 level and form important relationships

Moon- expects to attract important relationships but has a hard to relating on a 1v1 b/c of childhood


Ascendant- naturally attracts deep intimate relationships that are trans-formative

Sun- strives to attract deep intimate relationships that are trans-formative

Moon- aspects to attract deep intimate relationships but can’t because lack of emotional bonding as a child


Ascendant- you naturally have an open and philosophical mind #wanderlust

Sun- you strive to have an open and philosophical mind #wanderlust

Moon- you expect people to respect your philosophical mind, can be quite indignant & stern with ideals unless an expert says so


Ascendant- naturally obtains successful career, status, & reputation

Sun- strives to obtain successful career, status, & reputation

Moon- expects to obtain successful career, status, & reputation but is emotionally blocked from lack or too much authority in childhood


Ascendant- naturally makes friends and can build a network of people from different backgrounds

Sun- strives to make friends and build a networking of ppl from different backgrounds

Moon- expects to build a network of supportive people but is too emotional detached


Ascendant-naturally is connected to God & Source via intuition-understand self undoing

Sun-strives to be connected to God & self undoing via intuition(but often asks why)

Moon-expects to fully understand their intuition & the unknown but it’s the unknown 4 a reason

I might sound mean to the moon signs but your moon is the karmic emotions you need to work out in this life. So it sounds a little harsh. That’s why our childhood could be found in our moon - our childhood is closest to our karmic past. Planets conjuncting sun and moon & planets in 1st house can change and add color to this. Also, if u got some planets in the natural house ruler of the sign of your sun, moon, or rising (I hope i said that right) it could alter some things.4 ex. -I'm an aqua rising-I attract lots of people in my life, but I have Saturn, Neptune, & Uranus in my 11th so some of those people suck lol .

Hope you Like this and this resonates.

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Jul 25, 2020

I am a Leo, and this is really spot on! I do pride myself for my creativity, but sometimes I can get extremely shy and I just expect things to magically turn out the way I want them to.


Jul 19, 2020

Leo here and I can relate to this. I am shy, but I'm trying to get better at this. I'm pretty creative but I'm humble and shy. I need to work on this for sure.


Jul 07, 2020

This is great! I love what the moon tells us. Something we need to work on! It's very interesting to me. Once you work on that and fix it, is there something else you work on?


This is very interesting. I tend to think of myself as a pretty independent person, but sometimes I do feel like something is holding me back from being as autonomous as I'd like to be. How do I find out what that something is?


Very interesting! I am a Scorpio and I had a great childhood. So I think my moon is just wrong, but it could be the way I'm reading it too. I'll have to see what's in my 11th to see if I can relate.

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