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Cosmic Must Have of the Month- Block Buster Candles

I've hit a road block in my life yall!

I've been trying to manifest certain things in life and it would come up short; very underwhelimg blessings. Although I am very grateful, I know in my heart I deserve more and I have more. I can feel it, its almost seems tangible, but it didn't actualize.

But bitch I'm ready for the change!

I went back to my roots and did a series of blockbusters via hoodoo!The goal is to burn a candle with intentions that represent the situation and to follow the burning of the candle. Looking at the flame, the smoke, how the wax is burning, the glass,the rings on the glass, sounds the candle makes, etc . Especially do this after the candle is finish burning; it can really tell you more about the situation and what else you need to do after the rootwork. Sometimes you need to do this more than once for the energy block to be cleared. It took 3 candles to have a perfectly clean candle but it happened yall and I feel it!


What is Hoodoo? A collection of Black American spiritual practices. Regional synonyms for hoodoo includea conjuration, witchcraft, or rootwork.

What is a blockbuster candle? a Hoodoo ritual in which you anoint a candle via herbs,oils,powders, incense, and pure energy to unblock mental, energetic, and spiritual blocks you may have in your life.


For more info, I suggest you do your research. Talk to your local rootworker, go to your local botanica or new age store, ask you grandma, google it ! Youtube is actually a great resource too.

You can find some of my suggestions of supplies you may need on my 'Cosmic Must Haves' page!

Things you will need:

-Black Candle or a specific Blockbuster Candle

-Blockbuster oil (if you can cannot get your hands on some- olive oil, eucalyptus, lemon, lemon balm, lemongrass, or coconut oil will do)

-Blockbuster powder ( if you cannot get your hands on some - a mixture of herbs like rosemary, hyssop, basil, bayleaf,ginger, burdock,anise/licorice, clove,sage, and other cleansing or detoxing herbs will do- if you have any questions- ask your local conjure person)

-Florida Water

-lemon (optional)

-glitter (optional)




Light instructions

( do each step with prayer and intention of what you want to be done)

- wash the glass of the candle with soap - do not put water in/on candle

-remove all labels on glass of candle

-rub glass with the juice of the lemon

-rub florida water on glass of candle as well

-rub oil on candle glass

-with skewer, create deep holes in candle - the number of holes depends on what you are trying to do- do your research on that- also write sigil representing what you are trying to receive- once again- do your research on this!

- put only a little powder and/or herbs in candle- gently fill up the holes (but not all the way) and sprinkle ONLY A LITTLE on top

- do the same with oil - remember only a little - a little goes a long way!

- do same with glitter ( glitter will catch the attention of the energy you need for assistance)

- put your energy into the candle. meditate with it- pray with it- put intention to it. Imagine the final result of what you want and put that energy into the candle. Feel free to say passages in any holy book of your choice to you candle. Feel free to ask Highly Elevated energies to assist you in this conjuring

- Give thanks to the ancestors and forefathers who taught us this practice and for the people who continued it so you could do this- HooDoo is a Black American spiritual practice - a gumbo of the indigenous ancestry of the Black American. Give thanks and respect.

- light the candle and let the candle burn until it goes out on its own. If you do not want to leave the candle burning while you are out and about or sleeping- put the candle out by covering the glass with a glass/ceramic plate or something similar (no paper or plastic objects) and re light it when you're get back home.

- when the candle is done burning- read the candle to figure out what you need to do next. Research that info to learn more

** I suggest you guess do this in a good astrological climates- not during eclipses or major squares. I also suggest you do this during a waning moon.

Alright yall, happy energy clearing, happy conjuring ! much love! Again, go on the "Cosmic Must Haves'' page to get the equipment or similar equipment you need for this!

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25 juil. 2020

I have never heard of Hoodoo. Whenever it comes to candles, I am always scared to use them as I have a friend who always tells me that they are a pathway to other worlds. Is there any specific technique that you use and can recommend?


07 juil. 2020

I tried this with a couple of friends years ago. To be honest it was before I really believed. Needless to say I didn't learn much or take it to heart. I need to try it again! Thanks for the instructions!


I, too, have been feeling stuck lately. I think it's a fairly common feeling right now in our world. I have never done this hoodoo ritual, but I think I'll give it a try and see what the candle says I need to do to move forward.


Amazing! I tried this years ago but I didn't do my research first. I only burned one candle. I didn't feel much different after. Thanks for a great description. I feel like I'm ready again!

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