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Astrological Hypnosis Meditation - Cleanse Badly Placed/Aspected Sun, Leo, and 5th House Energy

This hypnosis meditation is for people who have badly aspected Sun, Leo, and 5th house energy who to cleanse their negative feelings about themselves, their expression, their actions, their creativity and more. People who can benefit from this are people with : Sun in the 4th house Leo in the 4th house Sun in the 8th house Leo in the 8th house Sun in the 12th house Leo in the 12th house Saturn in the 5th house Mars in the 5th house Pluto in the 5th house Neptune in the 5th house Chiron in the 5th house Planets in the 5th house that are square, opposite or inconjunct other planets 5th house cusp that is square, opposite or inconjunct other planets Heavy or malefic asteroids, dwarf planets, and other cosmic bodies in the 5th house, in Leo, or aspecting the sun harshly If you just want to strengthen your Solar Plexus Chakra Or if you just want to cleanse and strengthen your confidence, ego, and self worth To purchase a personal reading, meditation, or to join my spiritual online community, please go to

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