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4th House & Your Responsibility in Ancestral Healing

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Yes, the 4th house is about emotions, the home, the family, and mother however it gets deeper than that. It speaks on your ancestry, what your ancestors passed down to you on an emotional level (your 2nd house does too but the 2nd house speaks on characteristics you inherit that you can monetize).

It can touch on generational and ancestral traumas which are also known in the scientific world as epigenetics. We all have a 4th house, some folks more prominent than others, so we all have a duty to heal our ancestral line. This can be applied to everyone but especially people of color and peoples who have suffered from colonization, imperialism, and many more atrocities. You are truly your ancestors and you live through them so it is important to be your “ancestors’ wildest dreams”. This actually heals them and your family line.

4th house represents the epigenetic trauma you have to heal so you can end generational “curses” in your family. It’s passed down beauty but also passed down trauma. It’s your duty for your bloodline’s healing. Take it seriously so the shitty stuff is not passed down to your kids.

Also, yes you can not have babies so it’s not passed down but if you have siblings and they have kids- they will have it passed down. Also, it’s still your duty to heal or YOU will continuously deal with the trauma - it’s kind of self-sabotaging if you don’t heal. Naw it is!

You can not have kids and have a heavy 4th - that’s fine- but you still have to help your bloodline’s youth. Plus the more you heal the wounds of your ancestors, the more they are free; free to be able to help you more. This is why some ancestors are gang gang for some families and other people's ancestors don’t show up. They can’t show up cause they are tired & weak. Before I really got in to this, my ancestors were gang gang because I've always acknowledged them. I was always into ancestry as a kid and they appreciated it. Like y’all, I had ppl get into my energetic space & got scared to death & eventually, they told me about it later. My ancestors are overprotective and don’t play with people infiltrating my space or their space. If you want that, if you just appreciate what your ancestors have done for you, or if you just have a fucking heart- do the work! You will benefit from it !

I had to get preachy with y’all cause this is not a game. Especially for the melinated folks cause ancestor appreciation is DEEP within our culture - but everyone can benefit regardless of their ancestry.

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